Travels to India: Part I

By March 28, 2015Blog

We recently went on a trip to India to source and discover new items to bring to our store, spend time in the country, visit suppliers, and browse the unique, vibrant markets. Simply soaking up the culture and vibe in India was a wonderful way to learn more and experience the products we have in store, and to be better informed about where and how items are crafted.

We’ve been looking for new, stunning prints and materials, and had the opportunity to stop and watch some of the block printing process:pagiri

This method of adding color and print to cloth is an an ancient Indian textile tradition. Dye and color is applied to hand-carved wooden blocks, and both the carving of the blocks and application of tint require skill and a steady hand. The intricate process of preparing the fabric, the blocks and the dye and then actually printing the cloth is further outlined in this article via Fibre2Fashion.

We also stopped by to visit some Pagari makers on a sourcing trip. These two were kind enough to pose for a photograph:

India 1

Stay tuned for more updates, new products and news from our trip to India!