1. Shipping time for garments
Generally, outfits are available for shipping within one or two days. For more accurate turnaround time info or priority order service please contact customer service and we will be able to help you. info@Vintageindianyc.com

These are only estimated timeframes and may vary during seasonal workload and peak periods. Final shipping time will depend on the product you are buying. Please contact customer service for more information on shipping timeframe before placing your order.


When ordering goods from vintageindianyc.com, items that are shipped outside of New York State are not taxed. Within the State of New York, taxes will be added to the cost of the item, unless they are clothes under $110, which are non-taxable.
Currently we do not ship outside of continental United States, unless we make special arrangements with you.  Please email us at info@vintageindianyc.com

Shipping Articles

What are the shipping charges?
Most items under 3 lbs for free, unless they require an oversized box.
We have several shipping classes.
Shipping Class A is $15
Shipping Class B is $20
Please contact us for Shipping Class C & D
as these items vary in size and weight.


What are your shipping charges for bulk orders?
Please contact us for bulk ordersinfo@vintageindianyc.com

How will the delivery be done?
We ship through the United States Postal Service and Federal Express

How long does it take for an order to get delivered?
We will ship items within 48 hours of receiving your order

What happens if my order is lost in transit? If a shipment is lost in transit, we wait for 15 days and then reprocess/reship the order. If you have any query about our shipping policies, please email us atinfo@vintageindianyc.com