Perfect Purses

By March 26, 2015Blog

New Yorkers and travelers have one huge thing in common: they tend to carry large bags around with them containing just about everything they need for the day. This serves a couple of excellent functions.

1. It means a person learns to travel light, no matter where in the world they are.

2. Non-essential items are eliminated from one’s large bag.

However, whether spending a long day running around the city, or jetting across the world, if you carry a purse, it’s best to have something small and accessible. Why? Money, cards, phone, keys and so on can get lost in the depths of a bigger, heavy bag. And additionally who wants to drag something cumbersome into a large restaurant? It just so happens that at Vintage India NYC, we have some pretty, bright purses that won’t add bulk to one’s baggage, but will contain everything the owner might need:

Something for more practical, nature fans:


A cute, little embellished purse to bring to brunch:


Also available in a glamorous orange



And we have a selection of embroidered, pretty purses for any color preference and style, like this one, in green:


Stop in our store to see our full collection of perfect purses in bright and curious prints: