New Airline For India, New Travel Clothes For You

By March 24, 2015Blog

It’s about that time of year again – Spring is technically here, but it’s not warm enough to take advantage of the longer days and nights just yet. However, especially on the East Coast, many of us are starting to dream of warmer climates and better temperatures, and planning the next vacation is a tempting way to procrastinate at the office. Even airlines are anticipating wanderlust – or they just have great timing: even Quartz reported today that India will have a new airline soon to add to its roster. The new carrier, Air Kerala will actually be owned by the South Indian state. It is expected to start operations in November 2015.

No matter when or where you plan to travel this summer – or year! – one thing is for certain: everyone wants to be comfortable AND stylish on the plane. So whether traveling to India is a reality or still on the dream list, we have some gorgeous, comfortable looks in which you can arrive at your final destination…with style:

For women, a tunic with or without leggings is a wonderful, light garment in which to fly. Bonus: they’re easy to pack and great for a variety of events and situations, so why not grab more than one?

We’ll start with a super fancy, beautfully-beaded kurta, which could be ideal for a flight to Hollywood or Vegas:


And then pair any kurta – or comfortable top – with a pair of these trousers, to not only look wonderful, but also feel utterly comfortable. (Hint: they’re made of silk, just in case anyone asks):


Another great travel item – a loose, floating shirt. It’s easy to pack, can be dressed up for evening, or down for the day. And we think these bright colors will add some cheer to that long-haul flight:


And for the guys, same wardrobe rules can apply, but why not consider adding a superbly stylish scarf? Planes can get chilly, and this accessory adds the perfect casual comfort vibe to any outfit:


Again some great pants can make an excellent addition to any traveler’s style, either for the journey, or packed up to wear at the final destination. These gorgeous cotton pants from India are a wonderful example: