India Fashion Inspiration

By March 19, 2015Blog

It’s Fashion Week in India, and emerging designers and industry veterans alike are filling the catwalk’s with next season’s colors and styles. Notable designers, according to were Alan Alexander Kaleekal, Ankit Carpentar, Kanika Goyal, Manish Bansal, Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama and Salita Nanda. Many of them used pale colors, sheer materials and and simple silhouettes, but one designer took things to another level with Picasso-inspired bright shades and bold patterns.

We think that there’s a great way to mix up the old and the new, and our vintage clothing from India can complement any modern trends. Plus, any piece from our beautiful men and women’s clothing collection will add unique flair to any wardrobe.

This men’s raw silk Kurta is perfect for summer – and keeps with the palette seen at the aforementioned fashion show:


And it can be perfectly paired with these dark olive cargo pants: darkoliveorgcotpantMEN0184

For women, we’ll go with the bolder, Picasso theme: this bright purple dress is perfect for spring, and has an incredible, eye-catching pattern:


Likewise, the sheer material and pastels in this dress speaks to fashion week trends, and can be worn at a posh event, for a nice dinner, or even “just because” on one of those summer days when you just want to feel pretty:


And finally, for men, the bold colors in this hoodie are for those who like their fashions – from India or elsewhere – with a bit of an edge: