How and When to Wear Kurta and Kurti: The Humble Tunic

By April 15, 2015Blog

Comfortable. Classic. Convenient.  In India and Pakistan, this item of clothing might be more commonly known as a kurta – for men – or a kurti, for women. Kurtas come in a variety of lengths, colors and fabrics. They generally have a more comfortable fit, meaning looser, but young people often wear their kurtas and kurtis in a body hugging style.  Depending on fabric and the level of embellishment, kurtas are worn for everyday as well as to weddings.

Here is one of our models in a linen kurta:


Many travelers and those in warm climates wear tunics, kurtas or kurtis to stay cool and, in some cases, maintain modesty. In Western fashion, these garments can serve as a short dress for women, and are often fitted around the waist in order to highlight the figure. However, women and men should try any length of tunic-style clothing to see what works best for them.

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kurta in store

Modern kurta and kurti, as with Western tunics, have many embellishments and other details to make them more versatile and eye-catching than those worn for everyday. And if you go for one of these neat, pretty garments, you can accessorize as wildly as your imagination permits — tunics pair well with scarves, jewelry, hats and leggings or bright trousers.

Our scarves come in a range of colors and patterns – here are just a few styles from which you can choose:


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