How to Bring Indian Design to Your Home

By March 13, 2015Blog

Home and garden shows are taking place all over the country, which leads many people to start to imagine how they would redecorate their homes. Plus, Spring is almost here, and there’s a general sense of “in with the new” permeating the air. We found this article on HGTV to offer some great tips on how to create a space inspired by the culture of India. The slides present comfortable and vibrant spaces that feature pillowcase covers from India, some traditional Indian art, wall hangings and paintings.

The best part is, many of these ideas work with smaller spaces. While not everyone will be living in the typical, NYC studio apartment, space in this city is always a concern. However, you don’t have to have the biggest place on the planet, or deck out the entire apartment in Indian prints and items in order to cultivate a similar vibe.

Scroll down for suggestions and tips on how to introduce Indian-inspired design into your home – and be sure to visit our site or stop in store if you have any questions.

The Basic Wall Hanging

Easier and quicker to hang than heavy pictures, and a step above and beyond the tattered posters of college days, a wall hanging will make a room stand out – in the best way possible. This is just one example of the beautiful work we have instore and online – illuminate your room with a piece such as this:

A Better Room Divider

The Ikea screen just won’t cut a more sophisticated studio, but let’s face it: no one wants to be making dinner or entertaining and looking at their bed. A screen such as this will segment any small space, and also provide an Indian-inspired feel:

Find a Stunning Conversation Piece of Furniture – and Let it Shine

Making an investment in a solid piece of furniture can be one of the most fun parts of getting older and making a little more money. A cabinet, such as this, is a stunning vintage piece from India that will last a lifetime. Bonus: it’s truly one-of-a-kind:



Brighten up Your Bed

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a teeny apartment, but a vintage Indian bedspread can take you and your guests beyond the four walls. Plus, it’s just fun to want to make the bed in the morning:

Cover Up Those Pillows

An inexpensive way to present an Indian-inspired home can take the form of adding bold, brilliant pillowcases to a more plain couch or chair. Need ideas? Here’s an example – and we have many more colors and deigns in store.

Incense is Always a Win

If you’re really on a budget, incense can warm up a room and transport you to India. They say the sense of smell has amazing power, so why not pick up some incense and go far beyond your apartment’s walls. And don’t forget an incense burner: