Design Inspiration From Our Store: Block Printed Cloth

By March 30, 2015Blog

We were thrilled to watch the practice of block printing cloth in-person, as mentioned in our previous post, and were inspired by the colors, shapes and designs of the material being produced. These eye-catching patterns can be used in just about any room of the house: think bedspreads, a throw on the couch, curtains, a table cloth, or even as a wall hanging.

Each unique pattern can be paired with single-tone furniture such that the patterns are the room’s focal point. For example, these patterns could really brighten up a living room:


The bright patterns lend themselves well to curtains, or even to be displayed on the wall – it means you wouldn’t have to paint, or worry about hanging pictures, dealing with hooks and nail holes in your walls.

This cloth could be used as a an accent to a couch, chair, or even as a tablecloth:


We think that in a smaller, New York City apartment, a piece of this cloth could also cheer up a bed – particularly if the owner lives in a studio apartment, and space (and potential to decorate!) can be limited.

Block printed cloth also presents a vintage look to a space, and has the ability to soften furniture and start space. Adding these patterns and this lightness to any home can promote a relaxed, comfortable and certainly unique vibe. Stop into our store, and let us help you choose the perfect print!