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Owners Prashant and Ishwari met about 8 years ago. After working with his father for 20 years, Prashant had always imagined opening his own store, with his unique vision of what India has to offer. With Ishwari’s background in fashion, marketing, art and music with a particular penchant for Indian spirituality, a match was made.
Their enchanting store has the magical mood entrenched in the products of India. The decor and products are soaked in the rich colors of Indian textiles. Their choice to have vintage items and items made from vintage fabrics adds to the mood of the store. They have many products which are new as well, but they are aiming to have as many organic fabrics and vegetable dyes as is possible.
Please come visit us in person, plan to spend a little extra time so you can get to know what they have to offer.
If you don’t see something, ask, they have lots of products that are not on the floor.