A Shawl for All Seasons

By March 3, 2015Blog

Oh, March…you certainly came in like a lion this year…
Many of us are just not talking about the “s-word” any longer, and there’s definitely still an early March chill in the air. Going forward, we all know how this early spring weather plays out; some days are going to be warm, and then suddenly be cool again. But that’s spring: beautiful, refreshing and unpredictable.

A bold printed or brightly colored vintage shawl is one excellent item that stands up to any outfit, in almost any weather. It looks elegant, is soft and luxurious, and can serve as a wrap with an evening gown, or a cosy scarf with a spring jacket.

And these vintage prints from India are simply stunning.

For instance, if you’re looking for a detailed and elegant accessory, this embroidered vintage shawl is not only functional, but a conversation piece, not to mention one-of-a-kind:


A little cozier, this vintage woven shawl has an outstanding pattern – there’s noting else quite like it. And we mean this literally:


We’re ready for Spring, and this eye-catching, bright vintage woven scarf is a wonder to wear. Just take in this incredible detail – it’s a hand-embroidered piece that any lucky owner will treasure for every season:

And this pattern is simply remarkable:

For a truly vintage vibe, this tan-colored Kashmiri shawl is delicate, elegant and extremely special. Wear something different on that next date, or save this piece for warm summer days: it’s also the perfect wrap to compliment a summer’s evening. Because one day soon, we’ll all be outside enjoying the fresh air and breezes.

Let this vintage shawl be the first piece in your summer wardrobe:


And really take in the beautiful detail work: shawl0058

How would you wear one of these vintage Indian shawls?