5 Ways to Wear a Vintage Shawl

By March 4, 2015Blog

So yesterday we outlined a selection of our the beautiful vintage shawls from India and Kashmir (PS please stop into the store to see a wider selection!) but we wanted to offer a short guide as to how best wear one of these one-of-a-kind accessories.

How to Wear a Vintage Shawl
1. Hook it around your elbows to add softness and instant modesty to a gorgeous evening or summer dress.
International Festival 2008

2. Make like a typical New Yorker in the winter and wrap it snugly around your neck: the outstanding patterns will make any coat shine.

3. Wrap the shawl simply around your shoulders. This means that everyone will be able to see the unique embroidery and amazing detail in some of our shawls:


And with this one too:


4. Toss or pin the shawl over one shoulder, and let the material float. This is a great look for a party, summer day, or even the office – one of the shawls will dress up and dress down any look.


5. Simply wrap the shawl around your back, tie in the front and let it act as a cardigan of sorts: your arms will be free to move, the accessory will be secure, and you’ll certainly emit a unique elegance – just like our vintage shawls.

Want more ideas? We have a couple on our Pinterest board – head over, check them out and add your own!.