Can anyone wear an Indian turban (pagari)?

By April 2, 2015Blog

On our recent trip to India, we stopped by and visited with pagari workers, pictured here, a collection of completed pagari – or “turban” – sitting behind them. As with many of our products , we go directly to the source, and find it fascinating to learn about how these one-of-a-kind items are created.

India 1

Not familiar with pagaris and when, how and why they are worn? Here are five facts about pagari which may influence – in a positive way! – your desire to purchase one of these beautiful accessories:

1. Starting with the very basics a pagari is a often a long piece of cloth that is wrapped into a turban and is traditionally worn by men, oftentimes at weddings. It consists of a length of cloth, about 5 meters long that is wrapped about a man’s head.

2.These pagari are worn at formal events and weddings.

Below: one of our glamorous mannequins in a pagari in our store on Lexington Avenue in New York.


3. More intricate pagari are worn at Indian weddings by the groom and it completes their wedding outfit. (Wedding season is here, so do let us know if you need pagari for your nuptial celebration.)

4. It’s a common practice that Sikh men wear pagri daily, although the cloth is far less intricate than those worn at Indian weddings. These pagari are usually plain and wrapped and re-wrapped daily.

5. And perhaps most significantly of all, pagari is a symbol of honor.